Fish scales bring about natural apatite

Coexisting with the natural world, which brings us great blessings, we make the most of those blessings. Because this is our focus, we discovered natural apatite from the fish scales in scales collagen. We put natural apatite and its superior restorative ability compared with artificial versions to practical use as toothpaste.

The remineralization effect, possible because of natural apatite

Every time we eat, our teeth are oxidized in our mouths, causing them to dissolve little by little. This condition is called “demineralization.” When this condition progresses, it leads to tooth decay, which is halted by the function of “remineralization.” This is the natural healing action of saliva that protects teeth from decay. However, if saliva is reduced, or if you are always eating something, remineralization cannot keep up with the speed of demineralization, which can lead to tooth decay.

This is where natural apatite comes in. Natural apatite can penetrate into the holes of dissolved teeth and repair them. In other words, as you continue to brush, your teeth naturally become healthier and stronger! This positive effect comes about because the composition of natural apatite is similar to the enamel on the surface of our teeth. By repairing the enamel, the teeth become whiter and cleaner and less susceptible to stains.

Natural apatite


Binds to the teeth and restores!

Artificial apatite


Doesn’t bond with teeth

  • Effective
    Use of Untapped

  • Developed
    Japan's First
    Fish Collagen

  • Natural Apatite
    Derived from Sea Bream Scales

  • Trusted and proven
    track record of 500,000 units sold in Japan