Since its launch in 2011, RU Institute's products have earned the trust of many customers, including being ranked No. 1 overall for four consecutive years on Rakuten Ichiba, Japan's largest online shopping site. The company also ranked No. 1 in the number of customer reviews in the toothpaste genre. As of 2022, the product has received more than 9,200 reviews. Here are some of the comments from our customers about our popular toothpaste Kilalun Paste and other products.

Oral Care


Kilalun toothpaste

  • I was looking for a product with natural apatite for people at risk of contracting periodontal disease. I like the smoothness of the polish.
  • After using various whitening toothpastes, I like this one the best. I continue to use it.
  • I can't stop brushing with it, it's so smooth! I also like that it gives a natural―not an unnatural―white color.
  • I like the smoothness of the product and end up coming back to it every time, even after trying other products.
  • I like the natural whitening of my teeth and the refreshing feeling in my mouth. I now look forward to brushing my teeth!
  • It is safe because it is additive-free. It has a natural herbal fragrance and is hypoallergenic.

premium toothpaste

  • Anyway, for me, I think it is a great decision to purchase this product because it does not cause any extra irritation in my mouth. I also like the fact that it doesn't foam. Maybe it's just my imagination, but within a few days I feel like I've just had a dental cleaning. It lasts all day long. 
  • I was looking for a toothpaste with fluoride to prevent cavities in my children. My family loves using this toothpaste because it has a gentle minty flavor.
  • I was prone to cavities, but since I started using this, my dentist has been complimenting me!

Kilalun toothpaste powder

  • Since I have sensitive teeth, I chose a product containing natural apatite, which I hope will remineralize my teeth.
  • I have just started using it, but it is very nice and doesn’t cause irritation. It is very good for cleaning stains when I polish carefully.
  • I've been using it for about a week now, and I'm gradually starting to notice less and less staining! I am very grateful because I like coffee and drink it often. I would like to continue using this product in the future.
  • I like the smoothness of the product and end up coming back to it every time, even after trying other products.
  • I have used both the paste and the powder, and I think the powder is more refreshing. 

Kilalun premium

  • I felt the effects after one use! I feel that the more I use it, the cleaner my teeth get. The stains I was concerned about became lighter and not only having my teeth whiter, but also smoother and more comfortable.
  • I use this type because it contains fluoride. I like that it is a non-foaming powder type that polishes well.

Men’s Skin care


the men’s sheet mask 

  • I started using it as a gift. It is easier to use than I expected and I am satisfied with the improvement in my skin tone. 
  • I heard that rehydrating the skin improves oiliness, so I bought it right away. It is not sticky and feels good.
  • I keep coming back because it feels clean after use and is smooth the morning after application.
  • Sheet masks are easy to apply to the face after taking a bath, so it does not take much time. It feels especially nice and cool in summer.

the men’s
all-in-one gel

  • I found it at a time when I thought that applying various kinds of products is a hassle and expensive. I love how it moisturizes and how easy it is to use. 
  • I thought my skin looked tired because of my age, but the moisturizer alone was effective in making my aged skin look vibrant.
  • I can use it in the morning to moisturize after shaving, and when I use it at night, my wrinkles are thinner when I wake up.
  • The process can be tedious but having everything in one bottle makes it easy. My skin is less oily since I started using this.

the men’s club pack

  • It cleans and refreshes! My skin feels smooth. I will be a repeat customer. 
  • I had an image of scrubs being painful, but this one is painless and leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth. 
  • Effective
    Use of Untapped

  • Developed
    Japan's First
    Fish Collagen

  • Natural Apatite
    Derived from Sea Bream Scales

  • Trusted and proven
    track record of 500,000 units sold in Japan