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Pursuing Intrinsic Value

Our Way of Thinking

RU Institute Co., Ltd. is a research institute operating in Tottori Prefecture along the Japan Sea coast in Japan. Our research began with a focus on untapped resources such as eggshells and sea bream scales, which have not been given much attention in the past.

The name of the “RU” Institute comes from “Resources Utilization,” which implies our desire to fully use the potential of raw materials.

We deliver products that make the most of the natural world while coexisting with nature, which provides us with great blessings.

RUKEN Collagen Liquid
(33 individually wrapped packets)

Product Description

RUKEN Collagen Liquid is a drink that provides an additive-free, high-purity collagen solution. This fish scale-derived collagen is extracted with the world's first proprietary technology without using any solvents, drugs, or preservatives. In order to further improve absorption, the collagen is converted into an ultra-low molecular weight. We recommend this product for those who are experiencing dry skin, loss of resilient and radiant, and joint strain. Although it can be taken as is, it is easy to take daily by mixing with salad dressing, mayonnaise, yogurt, fruit juice,etc. One packet per day is recommended.

Ingredient Characteristics

Ultra-low molecular weight, high-purity liquid collagen

Ingredients Collagen Peptide (derived from sea bream fish scales)
Capacity 10ml × 33 pack(440g)
Ingredients Energy 41.2kcal (per 100g) Protein: 10.3g, Fat: 0.0g, Carbohydrates: 0.0g, Fiber: 0.0g, Sodium: 4.8mg, Collagen: 10,000mg
Storage Store at room temperature
Caution - Do not touch the spout or drink directly from the container. - If you are sensitive to certain foods, are taking medication, or have allergies, start by tasting a small amount. - If you experience any physical problems, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

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