Trusted and proven
track record of 500,000 units sold in Japan

Since its launch in 2011, Kilalun toothpaste containing natural apatite has sold more than 500,000 units and received more than 9,000 customer testimonials through online sales in Japan. Our key philosophy for our products is that our naturally derived ingredients are safe and reliable for use at all times.

No. 1 at online shopping site for four consecutive years

Kilalun toothpaste has been ranked No. 1 overall for four consecutive years on Rakuten Ichiba, the largest online shopping site in Japan, and has earned the trust of many customers since its launch in 2011. The company also ranked No. 1 in the number of customer reviews in the toothpaste genre. As of 2022, we have received more than 9,200 reviews. Our quality assurance for safety and security has led to the continuous use of our products by our customers.

We have received reviews from a wide variety of delighted customers.

40s female
I used to use other whitening toothpastes but was attracted to Kilalun toothpaste because it is additive-free. It has less of a toothpaste feel, so one rinse after brushing is enough. My teeth are smooth. The most important thing is that the toothpaste does not have a distinctive minty taste, so even children who do not like toothpaste can use it without any resistance. After rinsing, the stickiness in the mouth is gone, and the mouth and teeth feel clean. This toothpaste is safe for children as well as adults to use.
40s female
I wondered if an over-the-counter product could really whiten my teeth. I was skeptical when I bought it. I had my doubts for the first month or two, but after six months, I looked in the mirror and noticed that my teeth were whiter! I drink two or three cups of coffee every day, so my teeth had been yellowed, but they really are white. I forgot about it for a while and then was surprised at the results.
40s female
I used it for the first time and became a repeat purchaser. I had a tooth that had a nerve removed that was a different color than my other teeth and I was concerned about it. I was worried that the Kilalun toothpaste would eventually hurt my teeth because it is abrasive. I was concerned that it would hurt my teeth in the end. But the mouthfeel of the paste was gentle. It was like a high-quality cosmetic. I enjoy brushing my teeth. The refreshing feeling is addictive, and the color of my teeth has changed in a truly natural way.

Our researchers guarantee quality.

Natural apatite derived from a natural resource, sea bream scales, has an uneven structure, thereby creating the "bone-bonding effect."
RU Institute is constantly thinking and researching whether we can make our customers' lives healthier by using natural resources.

When we work with natural ingredients, we discover various great potentials that are not found in manmade artifacts.
I hope that our customers can also experience the blessings and wonder of nature.

Senior Researcher and Plant Manager

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    Japan's First
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  • Natural Apatite
    Derived from Sea Bream Scales

  • Trusted and proven
    track record of 500,000 units sold in Japan