Developed Japan's first fish collagen

RU Institute's founder, Yozo Ishizuka, engaged in various research projects, including fish collagen, under the theme of "shedding light on untapped resources," and succeeded in developing Japan's first technology to extract collagen from fish scales in 1997.

Successfully developed world's first technology for extracting fish scales

Ru Institute has continued research and development of fish scale collagen, the main component of fish scales, and has succeeded in developing the world's first technology for extracting collagen from fish scales. Fish scale collagen differs from conventional single collagen because it is a novel complex that contains several percent of chitin, an amide derivative of glucose, in addition to protein. This complex functions as a soil that energizes cells and improves immunity, which in turn helps to maintain good health on a daily basis.

Ultra-low molecular collagen with no added extras

The collagen developed by RU Institute is a nano-sized collagen extracted from fish scales, which is easily absorbed by the human body. It is an ultra-low molecular collagen with enhanced absorption. Its 100% domestically produced ingredients are carefully selected at our own factory and processed as collagen without adding any extra substances.

High-pressure hydrothermal hydrolysis method allows for undiluted drinking

The collagen production method adopted by RU Institute is the only method that can produce collagen in a super-reduced aqueous solution with excellent digestibility and absorption. Because no chemicals are used, safe and pure collagen can be extracted. The manufacturing method removes lipids, so calories are reduced, and the unique smell of fish collagen is minimal, making it possible to drink the undiluted solution as is.

  • Effective
    Use of Untapped

  • Developed
    Japan's First
    Fish Collagen

  • Natural Apatite
    Derived from Sea Bream Scales

  • Trusted and proven
    track record of 500,000 units sold in Japan