use of untapped resources

We collect untapped resources from all over Japan that would normally be discarded and use them in product development. From kelp in Hokkaido in the north to sea bream scales in Ehime in the south, our research and development continues to shed light on various untapped resources to create future possibilities.

Applying Japan’s untapped resources to R&D

The benefit of utilizing untapped resources is that they are natural raw materials and are mostly free of pesticides and additives. Our philosophy is to discover new value in raw materials that have little environmental impact and have not been processed by humans, and to use them in our product manufacturing.

Creating earth-friendly and customer-friendly products with an untapped resource, natural apatite

All teeth and bones of living organisms today are made of hydroxyapatite, a compound of phosphorus and calcium. It is a very important element in human teeth and bones, and many toothpastes and other products claim to contain apatite. However, in many cases, these apatites are artificially refined. With a focus of utilizing untapped resources, we have succeeded in extracting and processing natural apatite from fish scales. While we cannot make as many products as those who use artificial resources, we insist on natural ingredients because they enter the human body.

  • Effective
    Use of Untapped

  • Developed
    Japan's First
    Fish Collagen

  • Natural Apatite
    Derived from Sea Bream Scales

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    track record of 500,000 units sold in Japan