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RUKEN Bowling Ball Cleaning Wipes (35 sheets × 4)

¥3,980 ¥5,016

Product Description

Instead of buying one at a time, save 20% with this three-package set

Ingredient Characteristics

Naturally derived coconut oil detergent, naturally derived carrot leaf extract, alcohol, PG

Capacity 35 sheets × 4(1,020g)
How to Use Remove one wipe sheet from the zipper bag and close it tightly, releasing the air inside. Spread the wipe in the palm of your hand and wipe the entire ball. One wipe sheet can wipe 3-4 balls. If the ball is heavily soiled, use with the foam type and spray the foam and then wipe the entire ball with the wipe sheet. Use before and after play for best results.

Important Notice for Purchases

Please note that your order will be shipped from overseas, and customs duties or import taxes may be incurred upon receipt. These customs duties or import taxes are the responsibility of the customer. For more details, please contact your local customs office.

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