What is the important “remineralization” for dental health?

Remineralization is a mechanism brought by natural healing action of saliva

Remineralization is the natural healing action of saliva that protects teeth from cavities. It is the process by which phosphate and calcium ions, which are abundant in saliva, penetrate beneath the enamel surface layer and replenish the lost areas.

Decalcification → Makes remineralization necessary!

In order to maintain health, teeth undergo a permanent cycle of demineralization and remineralization. When you eat food, bacteria in your mouth produces acid from saccharide. This causes the mouth to become acidic and erode your teeth. This is demineralization. Remineralization is the process of restoring demineralized teeth to their original healthy state. When demineralization happens less than remineralization, the teeth are in a healthy state.

How to promote remineralization?

To promote remineralization, it is important to first clean off plaque by brushing, so that saliva has sufficient contact with the tooth surface. In addition, the use of natural hydroxyapatite toothpaste can promote remineralization in a Tetris-like fashion.